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Class Supply Lists


5 boxes of 24 count crayons

Glue sticks

Pair of child safety scissors

4 packs of #2 pencils

2 packages of disinfectant wipes

3 boxes of tissue

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 pack of dry erase markers


1 st Grade Supply List

1 Composition Book

1 Spiral Bound Notebook

1 Red Pocket Folder

1 Green Pocket Folder

2 boxes of crayons

2 boxes of colored pencils

1 pair of scissors

4 glue sticks

2 liquid glue bottles

3 boxes of pencils (pre-sharpened is preferred)

1 package of erasers

1 ruler

1 Bible (King James Version)


2nd Grade Supply List

1 box 24 count crayons

3 Glue sticks

Scissors – blunt tip

2 packs of sharpened #2 pencils

3 packs red ink pens

KJV Bible

Stenographers Notebook

Folders with pockets

  • 2 blue

  • 2 red

  • 2 green

Zip pouch for pencils

Play Money – Coins/bills

Ruler with inches and centimeters

Wide ruled notebook paper

2 black sharpies

2 colors of play dough

2 boxes of tissues

2 rolls of paper towels

Construction paper

3rd-4th Grade Supply List

1 Three ring binder

1 Wide ruled notebook paper

1 Assignment pad (steno pad)

#2 pencils with erasers (no mechanical pencils)

1 12” ruler with English and metric units of measurement


Colored pencils

Water color

Stick glue


Ball point pens (black ink)

Pencil bag

One folder


KJV Bible

5-6th Grade Supply List


1 D-ring binder

8 single subject notebooks, wide-ruled

8 folders

Blue or black pens

4 packages wide-ruled filler paper




KJV Bible



Colored pencils

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Jr High Supply List

Assignment notebook

Three-ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

5 Two-pocket folder

3 x 5 inch cards

5 Spiral notebook Metric/English ruler



Colored pencils

Composition notebook or journal (with bound spine)

Graph Paper


  High School Supply List

Assignment notebook

Three-ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper 5-Two-pocket folder

3 x 5 inch cards

4 x 6 inch cards

6-Spiral notebook Metric/English ruler Protractor Compass

Graph paper

Colored pencils



Scientific calculator

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